Ex-Officio Member:  Gregory Mason, Dist. Supt. 
Email: greg.ncnazarene@gmail.com
Phone:  704-540-8300

President:  Donna Sisk  
Email:  ssisk2@carolina.rr.com
Phone:  704-419-9358

Vice President:  Violly Walton
Email:  samandviolly@gmail.com
Phone:  704-860-0748

Secretary:  Miriam Irons   
Email:  miirons@carolina.rr.com
Phone:  704-545-3456

Treasurer:  Walter Irons 
Email:  wirons@carolina.rr.com
Phone:  704-545-3456

Praying Coordinator:  Melanie Gering  
Email:  melanie@n2noutreach.org
Phone:  405-397-4392


Discipling Coordinator:  Linda Braman  
Email:   linda.braman@gmail.com
Phone:  910-548-2934

Giving Coordinator:   Jeff Wilson  
Email:  jeffwilson@kmnaz.com 
Phone:  704-770-7643


Educating Coordinator:  Barbara Korns  
Email:  bjkorns@yahoo.com 
Phone:  252-726-8426


Alabaster:  TBD   

Publicity:  Violly Walton 
Email:  samandviolly@gmail.com
Phone:  704-860-0748

Member at Large:  Bettyanna Bremer
Email:  bettyanna.bremer@gmail.com
Phone:  704-612-3915


Member at Large:  Jeff Wilson
Email:  jeffwilson@kmnaz.com
Phone:  704-770-7643


Deputation:  Dawn York  
Email:  dyorkoffice4@gmail.com 
Phone:  864-812-1869


LINKS:  Barbara Korns  
Email:  bjkorns@yahoo.com
Phone:  252-726-8426

Mission Call Coordinator:  Bettyanna Bremer  
Email:  bettyanna.bremer@gmail.com
Phone:  704-612-3915


Work & Witness:  Tom Roswick
Email:  troswick@att.net
Phone:  336-693-8470

JESUS Film:  Bruce Jacobson  
Email:  abibruce@gmail.com
Phone:  919-810-2000

Hispanic Coordinator:  Juan Rivas
Email:  rivasx4@hotmail.com
Phone:  910-594-1793

LINKS Missionaries for the North Carolina District (2019-2022)

  • Rev. Mark and Tammy Eby - Asia Pacific Region

Click Here for Crisis Care Kits - Instruction Page (PDF)

Click Here for Crisis Care Kits - Shopping List (PDF)

Click Here for School Pal Paks document (PDF)


Forms for 2021 NMI District Convention

Note: there is ONE form for the Honor Society Worksheet (a PDF version). It must be printed in order to fill out. Then, it can be snail mailed or scanned to email.

Select which format you want to use:  PDF in blue font  or  WORD in red font

You may email the forms to:  nc.nmi.secretary@gmail.com  (Note: it is preferred all reports are emailed. However, if reports are mailed send them to:


NC District NMI Secretary
Miriam Irons
6823 Fenning Drive
Charlotte, NC  28227